Friday, 14 November 2014

My Dear Readers

Sorry for this long long break from posting. I have been dealing with some very bad personal issues for awhile now. Well, what's done is done and now I can be free to do what I need. I need to thank some people for helping me get through these tough times. Kgan, Domier, Jochi, RL, and FF. I don't know how I could have dealt with it without you guys.
Anyways, I will be posting again in the next week, I've missed a lot with this event. Hell, I still need to post my SVMF2014 pics. This event has really taught me about the toxic people that flood your life and make you feel like you're suffocating, dying, being poisoned. I am so thankful.

A little letter to my pals,

RL, you have been absolutely amazing and supportive, you gave me strength and allowed me to see the little light at the end of this rabbit hole. I love you.

Kgan, you are so beautiful and wonderful, your love and hugs have helped pull me through this. You're one of the most important people in my life. I love you, bro.

Domier,  through all of this you made me laugh and helped me get over the hump that is my life. There was never a moment with you where I felt the need to cry. You've become one of my best friends. I love you and Big Bertha*

FF, You gave me probably the most support out of anyone. You have been absolutely amazing through this whole thing. I love you.

Jochi, what can I say? You are such a fantastic human being and your smile has gotten me through some pretty rough times. I love you, man.

Thank you all, and you will be hearing from me soon!

Please enjoy Kawaii Hitler until I get back!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Dikembe Unicorn

Oh my goodness, this is amazing. I watched the actual Oscars that year, and this is so much better!

These animals are disappointed in you.

I just like the way this video is put together, it's very nice! Hey Ya!!!!

Fergus the Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix. He's really sweet and smells like Cherry Vanilla Coke.

I... Uh... it's not even December.

Oh the tickets for the Lady Gaga concert I'm not gonna get to go to. I'm going to Squamish Fest, and I get to see Foster the People and Eminem, so that's good.

Parmesan Rape?

Kgan had a giant bottle of Arizona Iced Tea

There is an "O", it is very small, but there.

Dikembe Mutombo

Saturday, 23 August 2014

People are amazing

This video is amazing. Watch it fullscreen and look out for one of the dance scenes -- in the bottom righthand corner there is a man punching a giraffe
Pretty over-viewed but pretty funny
Thanks kenn

Brings up pretty bleak memories,
but good food.

That French fry... It's stunning

Martin's last name...

Gollum making a duckface!

Sum Ting Wong, folks

Beautiful eerie moon

A-Ha, Steph Carse, and Whitney Houston

Turd Sushi

Mr. Small's 5 step plan for troubled youth
From the Amazing World of Kenn

Human Tetris.
Tres Cool

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Marilyn Manson eats burritos

Fantastic song
I want this car, in pink.
Eating Chinese food with Kez and her mom. Authentic Chinese food is actually not bad

muahuahuahua mocha!!!

My mom's friend Janice's 15 year old dog, reese

My hair is falling out, y'all

Playing Pictionary in SS class and this was how I drew the word "Labor" (like hard work)

how I finish essays

It's the new Rob Schneider movie.

How I signed the locker of Merzipan's younger sister

Oh Kez!!!!!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes kez

This is how to fill out a Japanese text book

Long story but it's funny. Thanks Taja for ruining my quarter bag

My old past due birthday cake

I know this looks bad, but it was a drawing of a boy

Mmmm Mexican-style breakfast burritos!
Bacon, cheese, eggs, salsa!!!!

My favorite Marilyn Manson song, and one of my favorite music videos of all time!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Steven Anita Smith

OH MY GOD I love Japan. David Sylvian's voice is just.... I want to put it in my coffee. It is so beautiful... Plus he's a pretty man. Seriously thouh, good songs.

Mmm, orange ice cream with chocolate chips. Thanks Marble Slab!

My desk clearly enjoys my prescence.

Stuns by Angelica, Dennis McDennis and Porky the Pig
Set Design by Angelica and a guy from outside Shopper's Drug Mart

English-Sedish-Spanish Translation by Juanita Nicole Bbjornstrand
Location in Stockholm, Sweden
Casting by Angelica and Steven Anita Smith
Inested in by an Iguana
Water provided by Rainbow Market
Fake Alcohol provided by Renee's Manicurist
Moral Support provided by no one

Thank you to no body for believing in us. Our dreams are crushed

The credits for a video project by me, Renée, Cindy and Amanda.

Yup at my sister's cheerleading competition. Though that is not my sister's team. I think those are the Port Moody girls.

Seductive piggy!!!!

This photo escaped my December/January post. Our Christmas tree, folks!

Neil Hillborn - OCD
Spoken word poem... It sounds like he's trying to be funny and joking at first,
but then it just gets sad.

James Cameron is James Cameron