Monday, 22 August 2011


delightful breakfast at "SMITTY'S" with the family. A double double for me on the coffee.

Breakfast with Wolverine

weird sprinkled pancake-ish different breakfast for my sister.

a denver omelet with cubed hashbrowns, bacon, and two pieces of sourbread toast for me.

a five stack of pancakes with blueberry syrup, four strips of bacon, and hashbrowns for luke!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Osoyoos beats NAGGING

i just spent four days in Osoyoos...what the hell?

It's the native mountain...can you see the outline of a small-chested pregnant native woman? that freaking, creeped me out... especially on the first night we were there, because i was sitting outside, alone, in the dark, watching a movie on my computer...

we saw a large array of dollar bills sitting in the front of the store window...whatever the store was...canada only had one bill, but mexico had 4 !!!!!! and german dollar bills are like, bigger than my hands...germans must have big wallets...

attach of the phantom pillow

as you can see here, i was getting out of a trunk that day, because for two days straight, that's where i sat down to drive in the car. sorry about the nine year-old cousin did that.

my nine year-old cousin also put up his first hit. way to go graffiti, luke!

this kid also has an eye for the neatest little things in the un-neatest little places...for example the habs book in the Gelato/Sorbetto shop. way to go kid.

this munchkin also spotted out a "THE CARS" album in a general/hoarder store we were in on the music rack. good job, luke!

sorry, TWO of them, and this one was beside a "MEN AT WORK".

and one "AZTEC" chocolate-chili pepper sorbetto for moi

Friday, 12 August 2011

Little Hoarders & Steam

I suddenly realised, that that little wooden box on my bedside table is a result of my hoarding obsession for little objects no one gives a damn about.

Saftey Patrol Rocks! BLT!

I had to give my dog, Chuey, a flea bath. Poor pooch, he was HOT WITH FLEAS for quite some time. the steam in the shower made the photos all weird.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Science is...

Grade 7 science doesn't get much weirder than this...

 Baking Soda

 baking soda and salt


a weird micro-fibre headband my best friend had

A lock of my blonde hair

onion cells

onion skin

pencil shavings

ripped paper



Sugar and Salt

Toothpaste and Toothpaste with Sugar

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Kenn! It's your day, and you better be happy about it. 
See, it was worth 23 hours and three doctors to welcome baby Kenn into the world, wasn't it?

Maybe this year, you'll get a whole bucketload of cigars. Ring Ring, it's cancer calling.

You're 43 and...
weak at the knees
hugging trees
allergic to bees
infested with fleas
losing your keys
swimming in the sea
on skis
drinking tea

Happy Birthday

Friday, 5 August 2011


A one of my friends emailed me this photo, and felt like i had to share it with the world.
or the folks on my blog

 i think i would rather have this, than a bouquet of roses

If we all rode bikes on watermelons, then maybe i'd consider learning

I absolutely loved this one. It takes some talent to pull these off. 

R.I.P. Nacho 2.2 the guinea pig, you will be missed, you little ball of black mohawk
I had puppy posters and yellow sheets?