Saturday, 17 September 2011

Feast Your Surprised Eyes On...

My Giant Jar of Pickles.


Damn Tasty, too.
Sorry Kenny, i know you gave me these a little while back.
but finally, voila.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


high school has started at Moscrop, and of course, hand-printed ESM postcards are up in my locker...
not to mention the "i love fleeees and moths" sticky note. Notice the ESM stickers on my binders

Butters and Kenny, protecting Locker property

in art class, i'm working on a charcoal pencil, spray paint drawing. i'm not sure i was following the criteria, but the teacher approved of it.

Sushi with Cheyenne, yum yum, at Hibiki Sushi, on Moscrop street.
i have to give an okay review, it wasn't as bad, as other sushi i've had in the past, but best sushi goes to Kenny at the Studio

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

why so serious?

Someone REALLY wanted HelloKitty, gone. 


An alien? a raccoon turd? nope, egg yolk.

Luke is a cute kid. he wanted to buy Timbits for everyone at my mom's salon, and on the way back, he dropped, litterally, 35/40 of them.

eggs, toast, bacon, shredded hashbrowns, for moi. of course, Luke ate all of my toast.

who knows what the hell anabeva is eating

philly cheesesteak sandwhich with french fries for luke.

I've got the coolest wallpaper on my phone, ever. it's a photo of an actual silkscreened, hand-printed, ESM-artificial Spock native american poster. thanks Kenny!

a beautiful, hand-printed, silkscreened, one-of-a-kind, ESM-artificial pillowcase. this thing took two years to make, so, don't bother asking for one. thank-you so much, kenny

cracker jacks in a bag.