Tuesday, 25 October 2011


i made this in Home Ec.

yeah, and i put this in Analissa's bathroom, as payback, for all of the disgusting, used tampons she's left for me in the mornings...karma, hello!

 hey, you'd think that making words with Scrabble (c), with whatever letters you wanted, would be easy...

some boys made pasta desert

but i made this

Analissa's weird green tea rice thing, treat was oddly...not bad

unfinished wooden shop. it's been done before


i had dinner at Save-On-Meats, with Kenny and Fatkid, a clubhouse for me

breakfast for Kenntaro-chan

a burger for fatkid

14.5/20 on my french test!
37/50 on my Home Ec. test, or, 74%! to me, it sounds better as 74%.


 Finally! i finished the hippo part!

i swear to god, this is what we were doing in Social Studies a few weeks back.
i was the wheelbarrow

look at all my chips! well folks, that brings us to a total of 2078 dollars, or, $2078.00, or, two-thousand seventy-eight dollars. 
since when did i go to "Moop Secondary"?

can anybody tell me what this says?

i gotta analissa some of her precious, green tea, and all i got back was a verbal slap in the face.

does anyone want to join me in reading the peanut butter?


I went back to hibiki sushi....

Namaste, grasshopper-chan

Sunday, 23 October 2011


These are some old photos from camp last year...
you may find these a little...PG12

moi, on a horse, named Apache. my teacher started calling me, "Apache Aztec Princess Warrior"...i guess for a second, i grew out of "Baby Hippo"

there was a lot of horses at camp

and asses

and goats

sleeping me

i got my hand stuck in a cone

Look at what i did!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Tick tock, goes the clock

god damn it, analissa! wash out your blender every once in awhile! i don't (and my grandpa) want to have to clean it all the god damn time!

flea bites were hurting, and i couldn't find no safety pins/"butterflies", so i'm "holding myself together", and showing my support for CBC Radio

does this like a hippo to you?

does this look like a hippo to you?

okay, does this look like a hippo to you?

i'm sorry, does this say, Sperm Smear, human? the things in high schools these days.