Friday, 11 November 2011


It's Illegal Leopard!

Usually, smarties come in red, blue, orange, green, purple, pink, yellow, and brown,
but black smarties?
Tara tends to have "sweet" shirts

Debating bewteen these to colors for my pillow in home ec. 

one of my new favourite M83 songs, "Skin Of The Night"

supper lollipop to the rescue!

a tree full of birdhouses

It is remembrance day/veterans day, time to wring out the poppies!
let us take a moment to remember those brave soldiers, who sacrificed their lives, to give us freedom, and keep us happy, from the soldiers of world war I, World war II, the civil war, and the soldiers fighting for us right now, in Iraq, and afghanistan, and pakistan, and wherever else we are at war with.
we remember the honor it took, and for those of us, who had fathers, husbands, children, and now wives and mothers, who have been lost in the wars, some of us cannot understand the sadness
this has been another dramatic blog entry.

in art class, we are supposed to be drawing birds (yawn) so i added my own touch to them,
my art teacher loved it

Friday, 4 November 2011

enjoy the perfectsounds

These are the new music videos for hit wonder new wave inspired at home synth effects pedals electronic acoustic swear to god hot fresh and juicy poppin' delicious 19-album band
footage and editing done by me, except the last one, editing and credit to KS/Perfectsound
Perfectsound's heart-breaking 6th single "A Winter Between Us" from the Baltic Sea

Perfectsound's tear-jerker lucky 17 "A Pretty Good bye" from 4:American Painter

Perfectsound's quiet lullaby 5th single "the Overpass" from the Baltic Sea (b-sides)

Perfectsound's #1 hit single "Fool (heartstop)" from 1995-2006 a few b-sides collected

Perfectsound's thirst-qeunching 15th single "Grey" from the Baltic Sea

Perfectsound's 14th AMAZING single "thin" off of 1995-2006 a few b-sides collected

Perfectsound's sappy sweet 4th single "On A Good Day" from 4:American Painter

Perfectsound's mind-boggling "This Love Is Heavy 2" from 4:American Painter

you sneaky mom!

Pay attention to the lippy kids at the end

white pumpkins


24/31 On my english test!

I am almost finished my hippo bowl. i inscribed part of a poem on the outside the next class, but now it has to dry, and be fired, and glazed, and fired

she had CHAGALL, i wrote DAMIEN HIRST and KAWS. i freaked when she asked me who KAWS was.
who asks that?
EVERYONE know who KAWS is!

Invisible Calculator

Pesto flatbread and some popped corn for anabeva, friday at the perch. yeah, the phone in the bottom of the picture is mine. ESM Hello!

damn right! vandalizing Matty's fridge with ootie at the perch on Sunday

as well as a delicious breakfast sandwhich with HASHBROWNS!
i prefer mine shredded

Eggs Benedict, with ham, and HASHBROWNS for Ootie. don't let that phone fool ya, it ain't hers!

thank you Alex for the mass amounts of smarties and hallowe'en treats.