Friday, 27 January 2012

rise of the damned of the fallen of the japanese of the heroes

My demon in art classe. my official demon.
So far i got my fingers crossed for a good mark!
<( ' @ ' )>

Muffin Mitt's vibrant hat

english! 9.5/10!

he lost his balloon.

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! it sure snowed out here! my feet are massive!

Chuey in the snow.

salmon sashimi

Well...Are you?

pastel art

mmmmmmmmmmmm bacon, bread, lettuce, avocado, potato chips

more pastel art

Baby Godzilla


i like this religion chart!

free woooooooooood!
coconut vanilla milk in a teeny bottle
i'm gettin' creative with tortillas and apple butter...
hippo bowl! 10/10! 50/50! full marks!
no comment....matchmaker? how low do we have to go?

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


damn!!! that is one nugget of a hershey kiss!

nice three-dimensional painting, kayla and froggy.

thanks Kenny for these spiffy new Nike socks!

in art class we're drawing "monsters" from our imagination

Stitch. he doesn't work out, he just tore a bunch of muscles trying to break thoe chains, and a telephone book in half.

deformed Spartan

massive fantas!

eaten EATMORE!

mmmmmmmmmmm safeway sandwich!

no Chuey this is my safeway sandwich!

thanks kenny for these Snazzy Calvin Klein Tubesocks!

thanks kenny for the Contemporary Hip Hop street dancing ballet acro tap parkour ballroom raindance squaredancing modern swing contra belly dance flamenco folk salsa linedancing tango zumba waltz foxtrot quickstep jive mambo polka breakdance fandango jazz hands!