Sunday, 26 February 2012

baby pigeons

So, you know how everyone is talking about baby pigeons? how no one ha ever seen a baby pigeon? well, i decided to look up "baby pigeons" and here's what i found;

Baby pigeons! they do exist!

Monday, 6 February 2012

visionary confinement

thanks ootie for the striped socks

thanks ootie for the black and white socks

Kenny, i know you gave this to me awhile ago....but thank you Kenny, for the super duper pillowcase

for the record, these are not my nails, but a girl in my English class, had the checkered nails she did herself, and i liked the checkered pattern.

thanks for the spotted nails Kenny!!!
bright and colorful just like you! inky fingers


i was at the miller household, a.k.a, muffin mitts' house, and her old man, had left guitars in the basement after his passing.
late R.I.P, Derek Miller

coca cola tower

Thank you soooo much Kenny for the yellow nails! i love(d) them!

Sakura color pastels
(heads up Kenny)

bent apple

Disgusteen! Dominos

the substitute was suggesting that dragons weren't real...

they were real...

just to get the point the across

pink dyed water in science class