Saturday, 14 April 2012

oh my god,

OH MY GOD!!!! i'm so sorry i have fallen soooo far behind!!! my camera has been handicapped so i have been using my phone for photos, sorry if they look blurry or fuzzy!

mmm-mmmmm! Green tea gelato for moi, and i think that i either raspberry or blackberry beside mine.

A Chicken Clubhouse for moi at whitespot, i love the bacon chicken bread combo! ooh, on sourdough bread, yum yum!

Chuey, smoking a cigar.

thanks Muffin Mitts for the fixed photo of my "BEAN"

Luke got a baconator.

berry chlossoms folks! prettiest time of the year. second prettiest is when it snows.

I have developed an obsession for drawing these trees. they look like tentacles, except they're treese with all of their branches cut off.

A-Ha, Birthright