Thursday, 23 August 2012

June/July... 1 2 3 4!

Howdy Hey Folks! Whaddya know? Strawbs!

hmm.....Assorted Sushi's!

mmmm, assorted meats, as well!

and tripe? what the...

Chuey, you are so cute!

some lovely lilies removed from a garden

i can't remember what these are called, but they are so fantastic and weird...
anyone want to help a sister out, here?
Monster CARROTS!!!!!
Only at Sunrise Market!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Aquaman, toads n'more!

I went to the aquarium to be with my fellow fish friends, because i belong in the ocean.
i took some pictures, too! some are the courtesy of Beatles.

Belugas!!! i love them, i love whales!

Blue Parrots, they were really big Parrots

African Penguins!!!!!!!!!!

Anemenenomes! Vertigo!

I almost did not see the tree snake! I love snakes too!


Freshly hatched butterflies


There was about seven monkees in the enclosure

Leopard print sting ray! it's illegal leopard!

I always thought caimans were cool because no one gives a crap about caimans...
it's always, "alligator this" and "crocodile that"

Superfast (or slow) jellyfish!



Oh My Goodness! COELACANTH!