Friday, 28 September 2012

little fishies

Happy Birthday Kenny (this picture was from like, August 10th) i got you some goldfish

aw, Chuey the Boy!


Chicken Karaage Donburi!

somthing for Marina

and something else for Airdry

i mean it


cruelty-free kevin.murphy products!

 a turtle!

Anyone know what kind of fishie this is?

sushi plate for Beatles

Dog-Shaped yam tempura

uh-oh, we crashed the car

Macy's Water

Po' Boy

awesome card

Thursday, 20 September 2012


Hey! i went to whistler!
The Britannia Mining Museum! it was actually really cool.

Nature Boy

Kayaking is so much fun. nice view, too!

Nature Boy, at it again

Lousiana Blackened Chicken!

Nice View from the Gondola

the Ski Lift was fun, it stopped halfway.
More Gondola action

Sniffle Station!


French Onion Thoup

Baked Tortellini

More Stuff from Britannia

Oh Christmas Tree?