Thursday, 24 January 2013

Bean's 20 favourite Songs of 2012

1. Say That You Are Beautiful, Electric Shoes
I break down in tears every time i hear this song. this will always be my absolute favourite song, but because of my reaction to this song, i cannot listen to it as often as the other songs i listen to. This song is from the masters behind Second Guessing and Perfectsound, so why would it not be absolutely, positively Fantastic? i mean, that guy is a great songwriter, he always writes heartbreaking music. Plus, he has a beautiful singing voice, even though he always denies it. Off of Electric Shoes' 1992 album Love, it is the greatest song in history.

2. Cosy Prisons, A-ha
From the 2005 Album, Analogue. this is my favourite song from that album.
it makes me sad, and puts me in a sad mood (which is good for writing stories) but there is something that drives me to listen to this song. it is painfully beautiful.
3. Caroline's Summer, Second Guessing
From Second Guessing's 1992 album Forgiveness is the Fragrance of the Violet on the Heel of the Shoe That Crushed It, This is one of the gayest (happiest) songs i have ever heard! played with an upbeat, happy, bright and colorful beat, i think KS really outdid himself with this one. Just the best tune for going on long runs in the summer or three hour train rides.
4. Fine Blue Line, A-Ha 
Well, another sad song off Analogue. there's just something about this album that is bringing me in for more.Definitely a beautiful song. it's got this very interesting background sound in it. But what a stunning and powerful chorus this one has. it perfectly goes with the verses.
5. Nova Heart, Spoons 
Originally released on their 1982 album, Arias & Symphonies, this November it was re-released on a 30th anniversary CD. This song is a definite gem of the 80s, a wonderful song. the synthesiser in this song is fantastic and Gordon Deppe has a phenomenal voice.
but not as good as the lead singer of Perfectsound, of course.
here's the music video
6. Kids', MGMT
My mom had this song on her computer. I had liked this song previously, (and i apologise for the top 40 ness of this song, even though i have never heard it on the radio) so i put it on my iPod. it doesn't have too many plays. From the 2009 album Oracular Spectacular. it has a nice catchy tune and outrageous lyrics. i don't even really know what this song is about. Even the music video is nuts.
Kids' Music Video
7. If I Ever Leave This World Alive, Flogging Molly 
My grandpa had this one. over 500 plays on his computer by him, playing aloud. it caught on to me.
From their album Drunken Lullabies (they are Irish) i found this song had a lot that radio music doesn't... That's why i liked it. it was all acoustic and the singer sings... loudly.
8. Waiting For Her, A-Ha

It happened again. but I have good reason! Waiting For Her is a beautiful, melancholy song from East of the Sun, West of the Moon from 1990. there is just something about this song that is so beautifully tragic and almost a little paining. All he does is wait and wait for her, and she doesn't show up. I like how Morten is just sitting far away from Mags and Paul, but what is up with the headband? not a good look for him.
9. Keeper of the Flame, A-Ha
Oh... Another A-Ha song. Keeper of the Flame is another beautiful song from Analogue. I think i may have a problem with A-Ha... the point is, i love this song as well. it made #9 on my list, so...
It's different. i know i said that one earlier, but this one, I'm pretty sure it's about some form of schooling, but who am i to say? i am just a music listener, not yet a music writer.
 10. Birthright, A-Ha 
Another Lovely Gem off of Analogue. My first obsession with the songs on this album started with Celice, then Analogue then Holy Ground and then this song. But what a great song this is! it's nice and slow, and of course, my favourite, sad. i love this album cover, i think it fits perfectly with this album. it's wonderful, like the album itself, and this song!
11. Growing, Perfectsound
Honestly, i listen to this song almost every single night. i love this song. I mean, i have my reasons for loving this song, but the reason it is down at 11, is because... all of these other songs are just songs. i would never put this at the bottom, or off of the list at all. this song rocks me to sleep at night, unlike the others. 11 is one of my favourite numbers. it goes 11, 13, 18. this album came out in November of 2011 (11/2011), and my birthday is in November, too. it just all works for this beaut of a song. from 4: American Painter b-sides.
12. Holy Ground, A-Ha 
Yes!! Another one, folks! They Keep on coming! And as I know, this one is one of KS' favourites from this album... and one of mine! Like most of the songs off of this album, the chorus is hat gets to me. This song was one of the Original obsessions on this album. It was my third "discovery" on this album. But, this is a great song. the lyrics are sad, and sad lyrics just reel me in.
13. Walk On the Wild Side, Lou Reed 
Yes, yes. This is everyone's favourite Lou Reed song, but don't get me wrong. Transformer is a splendid album. i think it is great. It's just every time i hear this song i make a little music video with it. One of the stories i am currently working on just fits perfectly with this song. it is a sad song, but there's some hope in it! it's a nice, slow little tune. I like sad songs. i need to get into some El Guincho!
14. No Place Like Home, Devo
Off of their 2010 album Fresh! I love this song`s beat. Dammit, another slow one. But in all fairness, Devo is an awesome band and definitely creators of happy music. this was nice to listen to. it was a little bit different sounding than their other albums. This song has some nice lyrics to it.
Can't Have A Rainbow, Without the Rain. Can't Have A Beating, Without the Pain. Can't Have a Lover, Walk Out Without the Love Leaving With Them...
15. Numb, Spoons 
This song took me awhile before it got to me. I remember when it did, though. I was on my way home from seeing War Horse when i plugged in my headphones and hit shuffle. it was rainy and gross, but i cried, just a little bit. it wasn't until the end of the song, too. i like how it is all about a movie. it's just about being in a movie (in the second half at least) but it is great! Spoons makes it work! Spoons said Static in Transmission, their 2011 album, was going to be a lot like Arias & Symphonies, but it wasn't. it was still a good album though.
16. Wait, M83
Every body liked Midnight City off of Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, but i like Wait the best. the chorus is really great. This song is another really bleak one, but the guitar is wonderful in this song. The lead singer of this band has a voice that is often overcast by the loud electronic music, but in this song, you can hear his lovely voice loud and clear.
17. How It Ended, the Drums
The song is at the end of the album! Brilliant! This song really would be great at the end of a movie, when the boy and girl tell each other they love one another and then they hold hands and walk down the street on a sunny afternoon. You don't know what happens to them, you just know that they are happy. That is what i picture with this song.
18. Dinner Bell, They Might Be Giants
So fast and catchy! They Might Be Giants are super catchy and weird already, this song does it! Marina and I sing along to this song a lot. it's fantastic! DING DING DING! it gets really fast listing all the different yummy foods and such. This is my favourite song on this album, actually.
19. All Flowers In Time Bend Towards the Sun, Jeff Buckley & Elizabeth Fraser
Such a sad sweet song. Jeff Buckley and Elizabeth Fraser's only song together. this song makes me feel so sad when i hear it. Two great talents came together for only a single song, and it was great. The acoustic guitar is great in this song, and Elizabeth Fraser has such a beautiful, powerful voice, and Jeff Buckley has a lovely voice that is softer than Elizabeth Fraser's... it just all comes together in this beauty of a song.
20. Bonny, Prefab Sprout
Oh Bonny, i count the minutes and the seconds, too. I have this album, and the acoustic version, on a double disc CD. I love this album, Bonnie and Desire As (Acoustic) are my favourites from this album. the guitars in this song are quite lovely, actually, and they fit quite well with the voice of the lead singer. A lovely song about a girl named Bonny, off of their 1985 album.