Sunday, 24 February 2013


This post is pretty old, too. This is from the 25th of november, beatles & I went to go see Sir Paul McCartney in concert at BC Place. It was pretty flashy show, lots of lights and things of that sort.
There was a british flag circling around the stadium

Holy, it was packed!! There was this lady behind us singing her god damn heart out and dancing and jumping and clapping. She had big long hair, it was flying everywhere.


When Paul came out my ear drums burst from all the middle aged single moms and grandmas

Paul was singing his heart out, the drummer was so funny.

Paul Rockin' a blue blazer

I like his guitar, at one point he flashed us a ukulele

He said he got a little hot, so he took off his blazer

Check out the drummer's moves. I wasn't even watching Paul when the drummer was dancing.

Monday, 11 February 2013


Hilariously bad song by Awkwafina
Kenny, i think you own the yellow shirt she is wearing, the vincent gallo one.
Kenny Fucken Powers!!
Face the Bus
These Are Some Way Outdated Pictures From When Kenny, Sachan and Mary took me to a hockey game back in NOVEMBER!!! WOW! Abbotsford Heat vs. Hamilton Bulldogs!
(We, My Blog Viewers Are Rooting for Hamilton)
All in action, Hamilton lost pretty bad, but we got to see them make one goal, yay!


More Hockey Fights!

Good Service Peeps, picking up all the ice shreds and stuff.

ANOTHER Hockey fight!