Friday, 31 May 2013


I took a vacation in Ikea with mom and marina and meredith and gabzilla. Lot's of things to look at. A lot of 20 year old ladies looking at bed sheets. a lot of china women and men.
Rainbow Pillow. I love rainbows and pillows so this works out good for me. Gay rainbows!

I figure; this must come in handy for things like tweezing and pimple popping.

I likethis small compact little clock, but i like my current clock better!\
Thanks Kenny!

Number candles! Uno Dos Tries Quattro!

Imitation Manorah. Be jewish while not being jewish.

i like this lamp becuase it's such a bright light from such a tiny bulb

A smaller version of the lamp shown previously, this would make a great reading light.

i can't even begin; i love grandfather clocks and this one is like a baby grandfather clock!

Magnets for spices, very handy dandy

Um, Yes! Swedish Alphabet!

Nice orbic lamp. I think i made that word up.
While you are at looking at weird things, here's a trailer to one of my favourite childhood movies that i still own on DVD.
Seriously, an awesome freaking movie. Love it to bits and pieces. It's not even just for kids to enjoy, i still enjoy it and i betcha certain peeps i know will like it!
This is a song from the movie; the Last Unicorn by America.
I know, America. The only thing worse is calling your band Canada or Australia.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Tues. June 11th!

Sorry for the old picture; New Westminster Christmas tree.

Chu Ball all groomed! Check out more cute photos of my Chu Ball on his blog here.

Thanks HD for ruining my drawing! You can still see the remnants of your lovely art on the finished product.

Nacho Mountain at the Perch

Massive BLT at the Perch

My Sphinx ashtray in the making. Well, when it was.

More pictures of clean Chuey. I have to take him to the groomers' soon. His beard has grown back, his nails are long, his wiry fur scratches me in my sleep, and as much as i love him, when i am lying in bed with him, i don't quite enjoy his ranky stanky dog stench. It doesn't bother me, it's just in the way. Although, when he is freshly groomed i pretty much glue my face to him, he smells soooo good! It's intoxicating!

Minimal Effort, not by me.
This is Chuck the fly
Aren't You the Fly Who Hit Me In the Eye? Ode to They Might Be Giants
They are coming to VANCOUVER ON JUNE 11TH!
Chuck's friends are beckoning him forth.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Phoenix x Mac Demarco

PHOENIX WITH MAC DEMARCO! it was really good, very entertaining and the light show Phoenix had was spectacular!
Mac Demarco was sooo good. He was really funny. He burped into the Microphone like... twice.

Aaaaah, Phoenix! Seizure!
I had a seizure right here.

Drawings Sensei did on the board. "Mi Es Puras Mexicanas"
and other langues.

i Made Onigiri!
Red Velvet ice cream. Brownies chocolate chips and chocolate syrup.
this is an actual pre-selected menu item.
but it was delish.