Saturday, 8 June 2013

Jacqueline Bouvier

House Hunting from Adventure Time.
For our final art project.
She's all messed up from science. He still loves her.
Everyone wins but her hair.

That big pile of ketchup in the middle; i bit my cheek and i squeezed the bottle too hard and all the ketchup came out.
Chicken Clubhouse at Bon's Shit Shack.
There were all these warnings on the walls not to try the eggs... so i didn't.

Gabzilla and Meredith found a dead butterfly and held a funeral for him. It was so funny.
RIP Sir Miss Flies A Lot.
The rocks represent his/her babies. The petals represent his spirit.
RIP Little Butterfly dude.

This is on a different occasion of eating. Quick 2-egg breakfast; Two Eggs, over medium, white toast, shredded hash browns and sausages.

Tried the Ihop Swiss Mocha. It was so good.

Mother's Day Dinner at the Keg. Prime rib served up with a baked tater, and let's slap some horseradish on this thang! time to dig into some blue-rare steak juices!
A drawing my mom did back in '95 of Jacqueline Bouvier.
The rest were pulled from magazines.

This one is my favourite.

There was a really lovely nice one of Christy Turlington but i don't know what happened to it.......
These next few clips are from "Regular Show"
I can't get enough of this show. It is so funny. It is in my top two favourite shows of ever.
i guess Mordecai and Rigby love their.... HUUUMMMMMMUUUSSS! 
Pissed Off
This clip a short clip from my favourite episode of Regular Show.
Another Clip from that episode!!
A buncha baby ducks... send 'em to the moon...