Sunday, 28 July 2013


Hi Folks! Sorry my blogs have been on hold... I was grounded!
Jake Gets bit by a spider! Comedy gold!
NO FACE! YES! Hand-painted by bean herself!

Toy Story III, it's the obvious answer!

On my friend Megan's shoulder, a Shakespearian quote from "the Merchant of Venice" -
"But Love Is Blind and Lovers Cannot See."

It's a mosaic on my hand! I am a church window!

In science, we were creating these, whatever they are, based off of genetics and the probability of inherited traits. Ladies and Gents, meet "Little Fennec Bowie". Yes, Little Fennec is his first name. Bowie as the last. He sparkles on the inside and wears very tight pants.

Yes, We have HD to thank for this.

My Sphinx/Anubis! You're welcome Kenny! I'm sorry it's so small.
HD really has "no face". Hahahahaha!


My first Green Tea Frappaccino, my very favourite. Before, my favourite was the coffee frappaccino, but this tops the charts. It tastes like Green Tea Ice Cream, which is definitely my favourite ice cream, besides chocolate which is #1.

We went to go see the Terminal City Roller Girls! Roller Derby! Some of the names, I cannot believe. Lawrence of a Labia? Jabba the Slut?
My Derby name would be "Menace Quaid". Ba-Dum-Cha!

Butterscotch root beer. Not bad. Look at my color-less nails. It's sad.

Congratulations Tia Leah! I couldn't go, but my mom went, and that was alright.

And this is why I was grounded.

I don't remember what kind of crepe this was, but that was dark chocolate ice cream, and it was delish.

My final project for art class. My mother described it as "a futuristic version of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein". Simply, she is a disfigured, robotic freak of nature, and he loves her still. Yup, it's heavy. Physically, it's light. But it's heavy.

More art on Megan's arm. Sorry it's kind of blurry. It's supposed to say
"I'll follow thee and make a heaven of hell"
from Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
No more pajamas! Finn is captured by underground gnomes!
Finn's Luxurious Hair.
Girl you smell good. Did you take a bath in rainbows and cupcakes?
You gotta love snail Jake!
Hey! That Rhymed!