Friday, 16 August 2013

Holy.... wow.

Holy Crap! It's crappy breakfast!
Oh yes, I visited the gum wall in Seattle. There was a pink heart made of gum that said "Nikki will you marry me?" but it was all in gum.

yup more gum.

And there's my gum! those three blue circles of gum!
the one atop is my mom's, then mine is on the bottom left and Gabzilla's is on the bottom right.

Do you see the heart?

It's a super elephant car wash.

Tuxedo cheesecake from Cheesecake factory. This picture makes it look pretty not good
but oh my god it was delish!
Blue Trees in Seattle, very nice art. I'm digging it.

An ode to the Gay Anthem, courtesy of Marina.

There's this site where you can change your Google page to whatever you want it to say!


Ancestor of Poo, do you remember?

The episode where Jake tries to set Finn up with the Flame Princess.
This is what Jake decides to give her father as a gift....
Jake makes Finn cut his fingernails.
From "Ocean of Fear" Adventure Time episode, Finn tries to battle his fear of the ocean.
This is how I laugh, I'm not joking. Marina and HD can verify this.