Monday, 2 September 2013


This Doritos commercial is funny
this soft serve commercial song is so catchy
Doritos are getting very creative with their commercials.
Doritos "GOAT 4 SALE"
New old MiO commercial is hilarious. Though, the actual commercial title is
"Eye of the Squirter".
Does that sound a little inappropriate to you? From this commercial, my favorite way to "squirt" is "parkour squirt". So tell me in the comments, how do you like to squirt?
Little Chu Ball!!!! He's just such a couch cutie! I'll put up another picture, his face has gotten slimmer.
Ladies and Gents! Introducing, the 2DS! I need me one of these, even though they seem harder to store. Some people I know have tons of DS's. I actually really like this.
Yeah, I got connections.
 Babysitting my Grandma's parakeets while she was in Texas. Tico is the blue Parakeet, Pita is the green Parakeet. The thing is, she came back on August I love my grandmother, god bless her heart, but she is shady.
Ahahaha, watching MAD and they were doing a spoof on "the bieb!" and I saw this poster in the crowd, just so freaking funny.

Grow your own Bieb! That's awesome!
Analissa's friend (on facebook to the left) looks just like infamous cannibal Armin Meiwes (pictured on my phone to the right). A little suspicious.... don't you think?

This is a trifecta embarrassing photo. 1) That face. He looks... well, you know. 2) The gut, holy guts! He's a husky or two! 3) look at his dirty pants!
I like the Mexican BaNa2.
If you like chemistry, like me, you'll appreciate that joke.

Chicken Vegetable Quesadillas, Yam fries shared from Meredith. The salsa was pretty good for being made by white people.
Aww Einstein is missing! Help us!

Yup. My Kaonashi mask was in the display case.

Haha, more restroom graffiti! One of my friends asked me if i'd seen the graffiti around. Of course I have! It's me!
the ones that got away...

I didn't know that a car wash came with a fabulous gay rainbow option!

They were dry, but Gabzilla did a good job making them look like hamburgers.
I'll gladly give you money on Tuesday for a hamburger today.
My OCD at it's best.

Chuey is groomed here, so his sweet face looks skinnier than it is now, but do you see the weight lost? He's been getting more exercise. His midsection is still chubby though.

I see we have a running theme today.
This is the long version of my FAVORITE COMMERCAIL EVER! this commercial is just freaking awesome. I love this commercial so much. The one on TV is much faster and shorter, but this one is way better and a mind blowing 2 minutes. By the end you'll be all, "JJ Flip, what the zip?!"