Thursday, 31 October 2013

Buster Boy.

JJ flip, what the zip?
  ("Her Parents")
Marceline sounds like me there, and Finn's story is shockingly similar to Kenny's story of how he was born.... you tell 'em Kenny!
The episode where all the citizens of the candy kingdom go missing.
From the episode "Guardians of Sunshine".
Sad Girl bathroom art, yet another reason I was grounded. She's a little deformed and that's part of why she is sad.
Chuey at the park! You can't see, but he was playing with a labradoodle at the park.


"This Love Is Heavy" Tattoo art on my friend Megan

fast minimal effort bathroom art

I was hanging out with Buster
Aww Buster!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Take A Walk On The Wild Side: Lou Reed Died Today

Lou Reed in the 70s

I would like to take this post to honor the death of a great man.
Today we lost Lou Reed. One of earth's finest musicians. Yes, he was 71, but he was too young to go.
Lou Reed was a member of the Velvet Underground, an amazing band. He was buds with the one and only Andy Warhol. I was unfortunately born too late in life to have ever met Andy. I had hopes of meeting Lou one day after I became famous.
But again, I was born too late. Lou Reed's impact on the music scene will always be remembered. The people alive to witness him in his glory will die out, but Lou Reed's essence will never.
May he rest with the gods of rock, and I hope he is catching up with Andy right now. When I die, maybe, I will get to sit and talk with them.
RIP Lou. You will forever be a legend. You will always be one of my favorite musicians.
May you keep rocking out in heaven.

Walk on the Wild Side (my obvious favorite)

Goodnight Ladies (my favorite one that's not a huge hit)

Andy's Chest

Hangin' Round

I'm So Free

Make Up

New York Telephone Conversation

Perfect Day


Satellite of Love

Wagon Wheel (I listen to this song a lot while I'm doing pottery)