Friday, 22 November 2013

Punch a fish, make a wish

Best of Roger from American Dad. Roger is my favourite character.
Watch out for the glow sticks at 11:55
gotta love Roger.
I want to name one of my dogs Billy. Then, I can enter him in a dog show and his show name will be "Billy the Greatest Warrior Ever".
I will train him so that whenever I say "No Tongue" he will come.
"It's Billy's Legendary Crack"
maybe baby
Super stupid super catchy boy band parody song from American Dad. Steve, Barry, Snot and Toshi do some Karaoke at a restaurant and get hired by a talent agent to join a band of other boys. Together they are B12 (Boyz 12). I couldn't find a decent copy of the actual music video, so here's to audio. So funny. I love how Steve has the best voice. He's B6 and he picks up sticks.
Guy I go to school with, Ty, went as a Jehovah's Witness for Hallow's Eve

Thanks for the effort, horrible science teacher.

Fabulous fall colors

Gabby left a bowl of fruit on the counter and some fruit flies attacked it/
the letter says, "Is this an RSVP to the flies? .... A few have arrived early for the Halloween party......
PS: the sink is about 6ft to the right... and there is running water"

Developed by James "Haha the devil bought Facebook" Brooks

I'm not sure what game I'm playing....
You can skip to exactly 2:00.
This lady's stomach muscles are incredible.