Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Bean's Top 22 Songs of 2013

Hey folks! Once again, my list is back! Here are my gems this year!
Note, they are not all from 2013. most aren't, actually. And another note, I couldn't squish 20 songs in. I had to put 22
For the first few songs, I will not be able to properly describe songs. It will be a few words kind of squished together. This is going to be a long 22 songs. They aren't really in order, just in clumps of liking. I'm trying.
1. Say That You Are Beautiful / Electric Shoes
Aww Shucks. First place again! I actually only listened to this song a few times this year. I tell myself, "Bean, just listen to it, dammit! You can do this!" so I put on my headphones, and then I start crying. It is just that beautiful. I'm not going to go into a huge spew about my love for this song. Why? because I don't need to. This song is a beauty in itself.
"Say that you are beautiful, say I'll see you soon."

2. Cosy Prisons / A-Ha
OK, guilty! Sentence me five years for LOVING A-HA!
I can't, I won't, I shan't stop loving this song. I feel just so sad and hollow when I listen to this song. Like there is something missing from my heart. I just... I can't fathom words to describe this song.
"and bottled wine is vinegar tomorrow"

Sound quality isn't the greatest. Started crying not even halfway through watching this.
But! There is a lot of Morten Harket in this video. Damn skippy.

3. Grey Lady of the Sea / Simon LeBon
No, not Duran Duran, Simon LeBon. This song is a gem. A rare, beautiful, precious gem. This song is so hard to find, but its beauty is so overwhelming. I don't know what it is about this song, but it sweeps me off my feet and into... somewhere else.
"The salt of your tears, adds stains to our hearts"

take a listen.

4. Fox In the Snow / Belle & Sebastian
This is just a terribly depressing song. It makes me feel. I hate feeling, but this song makes me feel.
If you listen really closely to the lyrics, your eyes will well up and you'll need a hug.
I'm alone most of the time, so I have to hug my uncooperative dog.
but this song just makes you feel emotions you can't feel any other time.
"Second just to being born, second to dying too"
"to tell someone all the truth before it kills you"

cute little video for this song... [insert sad face]

5. Sad Night, Where Is Morning? / The Ocean Blue
I keep getting told this is a song about Jesus, but I refuse to hear it.
When I listen to this utterly depressing song, I imagine it's about a guy who was dating a younger girl (maybe between five and seven years younger) and she is still young a kind of naiver (she's maybe in her early twenties) and he is dating her and he falls in love with her, but as she matures, she realises she doesn't love him like she used to and she decides to leave him.
That's depressing if I ever heard it.
"Took a long long time to grow, take a long long time to know, took a long long time to grow, let it go."
"Sad night, why won't you speak to me?"
Get ready to be depressed.
Straight from their new 2013 album to the tears in your eyes.

6. Wake The Sun / The Matches
Okay, I haven't really heard any other songs by The Matches, so I can't really tell you if they are any good, but I like this song. I strolled upon this song by accident, while looking for another song. I just like the feel it gives me. I could take a roadtrip to this song, and I just feel so energetic listening to this song. The actual music (and album cover) could use some work, but it's not absolutely terrible.
"Every step that we weigh down plays out like a drum"
the video could use some work, too.

7. She Lives Next Door / Electric Shoes
This is such a short song. Not even a minute, but it makes me feel sad. I swear, one day, when I have a band of my own, I will finish this song. This song is so beautiful, simply because it is short, sweet and of course, simple.
"You are the first of a million kisses, I'll be your Mr. if you'll be my Mrs."

8. Echoes of Mine / M83
I imagine a suicide when I hear this song. Okay, maybe not a suicide, but a death. Someone dying. That's a little dark, I know, but that's what I think of. Like someone going off the bridge into the rocks and water with their car, or someone hanging themselves. Two people meeting up in an empty parking lot and shooting each other. That's just how I think.
"Mes souvenirs ne sont plus des souvenirs."
"Je cherche mon autre chez-moi, et je prends un chemin que je ne connais pas"

9. Modern Love
I know it's on an album that isn't a greatest hits album, but I used this cover for two reasons;
I heard the song off of the best hits album, and I love how you can see his beautiful face on this one.
oh David, one day.
I love this song, I have had many dance parties while listening to this song. I love it.
"There's no sign of life, it's just the power to charm."
What I would give to have seen David Bowie live. The people I would kill to meet him.

10. You Missed My Heart / Mark Kozelek
A terribly depressing song. It's sad. It's about a guy murdering people. And then he dies. That is exactly what I would fit this song to, if it had no lyrics.
I listened to this some fourteen times in a row. And it is not a short song. I love this song.
Depressing. Dark. Disturbed.
The one I'm talking about is acoustic. This is the electric version. Enjoy.
 (it won't have the same effect)

11. Deeply Dippy / Right Said Fred
I would walk home to this song. I would dance in the street and old Chinese men would give me glares and I would be all "You have Hello Kitty on your dashboard! why you looking at me?!"
I love this song though, I could dance for forever to this song. I love how it starts off kind of slow and gets gradually faster and better! nobody likes Right Said Fred besides me, Kenny and my mom. strange.
"Deeply dippy 'bout your Spanish eyes, Sierra smile, legs that go on for miles and miles"
there's a lot happening in this rather fluffy and flamboyant video

12. Butterfly Butterfly (The Last Hurrah) / A-Ha
A good only A-Ha hit, again. I am crazy for this song and have remixed it with crappy apps on my phone time and time again. If only this song was a little bit faster, I could dance to this all day. This is a beautiful song (full of metaphors) This truly is an amazing song.
"Chrysalis dreams waiting on the fifth in star, these stained glass wings could only take you so far"

13. Mad World / Tears for Fears - Gary Jules

Okay so I can't decide which version I like better. Yes, I am supposed to like the original but there is something so haunting and beautiful about the Gary Jules version. The TFF version has the new wave sound that I love, but the Jules version has the haunting cello and piano.
I am at a loss.
"And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad, the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had"
Tears for Fears

Gary Jules

14.  One For the Mockingbird / Cutting Crew
Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh I love this song! I have it on a CD and I listen to it while I clean. I love this song and I sing a lot and I sing loud. I can just yell out the words and I feel so... alive. I love the music in this song and the lyrics, oh the lyrics!!!! It is just, amazing.
"All the dreams, they broke one by one, All for the mockingbird, they broke one by one"
"Don't be fooled by those who feed you words, They just twist and tighten up the tourniquet"
This version is a little different than the one I have. This one has a different pace and there is more instruments. But still, enjoy!

15. Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie
Okay, okay, AWESOME song! This song is absolutely amazing. The lyrics mixed with the calm, relaxing, melancholy music is just a chemical reaction of awesomeness.
Honestly, thank you kenn for showing me the way to this song. Just amazing.
"She pours a daydream in a cup, A spoon of sugar sweetens up"
You need to understand, this is one of, if not THE best music video I have EVER seen. It is all stop-motion filled with well over 2,000 images. Amazing.

16. Gypsy / Lady Gaga
Okay, okay, Kenny don't bite my head off, please.
Yes, I went to the Top 40 side again this year. But in my defence, this is a good song. When I listen to it, I don't think "Oh, this is Gaga, yaya!" I think about the lyrics and how beautiful the song is. I was surprised when I heard it. I was shocked that Gaga produced a song like this. I'm going to her Art Pop concert in May, hopefully she'll play this song.
"I thought that I would be alone forever, but I won't be tonight"

17. Goodbye Horses / Q Lazzarus
Creepy, creepy, eerie song. Yes, this is the song that Buffalo Bill tucked to, but this is genuinely a fantastic, haunting song. If you listen to it without the image of Buffalo Bill dancing in a woman wig with his ding ding between his thighs, it is a really beautiful song.
Q Lazzarus has a beautiful voice that just pairs to this song, perfectly.
"I must disagree, oh no sir, I must say. you're wrong, Won't you listen to me?"

18. If You're Feeling Sinister / Belle & Sebastian
This is a really good song. It is fast yet it is slow and it is a nice song to listen to. It is quite a lovely tune and it is very cute. I don't know, there is just something about this song that is just so.... wonderfully beautiful.
"And if there is something else beyond, he isn't scared because it's bound to be less boring than today"

19. Waiting For Her / A-Ha
What a beauty of a song. Like, if this song were a person, that person would be Morten Harket. Haha
It is just really... depressing. Like, think about it. Listen to the song and read the lyrics and then you will be truly bummed out. You'll just be like "Man, that ruined my day..."
Yeah, it'll do that to you.
"But why didn't I take that time and put it right"

20. Perpetuum Mobile / Penguin Café Orchestra
There is something disturbingly beautiful about this song. The fact that there is NO lyrics in it, and it is just piano, violin and cello. I'm shaking in my boots thinking about it.
I love this song and it is so depressing, it is just.... it blows me away, okay? I become breathless and my heart starts pacing and I fall into a trance.

21. As You Turn To Go / The 6ths and Momus
This song has a significant personal meaning to me, so I will always be attached to this song, in one way or another. It is depressing and hauntingly beautiful. Just listen and you'll get it.
"If you've ever loved me tell me so"

22. The Art Teacher / Rufus Wainright
I uh... I don't really have anything to say. I am actually out of words with this one.
"He asked us what our favorite work of art was,
But never could I tell it was him"