Sunday, 16 March 2014

Channing on your Tatum

 This is a sensual, seductive song. No one could say no to this song.

This commercial is amazing.

Oh what's that? A perfect Japanese quiz score?

Then don't sell them.

I received a grey froot loop.

That pillow... That is a fluffy pillow

Holy building, Batman!
There is a batman emblem on that building being built.

A dead fish, on the road.

Caramel macchiato creamer. Not bad actually

Merzipan found a grasshopper. gross

Isn't our school so lovely and sanitary? A dead mouse on the floor in my art room?

Glitch in the classroom.

Somebody loves Ricky Martin in the girl's washroom.

But Biotecbnology! Typos on the Kindle!

Freaking awesome plate.

Someone built a house in art.

Oh my god Renée....

Finger cookie! Not made by me
Adventure time... c'mon grab your friends... we'll go to very... distant lands...
With jake the dog and finn the human the bond will never end it's adventure time!!!!!
freaking hilarious

Saturday, 15 March 2014


This post was a draft that never got published! So these photos are a little outdated!
This dude is hilarious.

Regular Show "Hmph" compilation

N-N-N-N-Nasty! Nasty Jazz!

Prismo, I love you.

a compilation of regular show "OHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"s
I love how the taco truck is called "Tac o' clock"

Cheru, the neighbor's dog, seen through the fence he broke. He's a chocolate lab who looks normal sized from far away, but his paw is the size of a grown man's hand. He would jump up on the fence to come greet us but he's so big he broke it! (Back a few months ago)

Check out luke's gut!

"Jasmine Dragon Tears"
sounds dramatic. it tastes dramatic.

Went for High Tea for Gabby's birthday (In August). My favorite layer was the bottom layer, it had all of the savoury sandwiches. So delish.

Happy birthday Gabby!

Sweet little Ferrets sleeping. Look at how cute and cuddly they are!
I wish I had a spine like a ferret. so I could do that.


This is Fergus. He's a Yorkie x Shih Tzu and he is so sweet! he has just lying around in my lap and let me carry him.

Günter, why did you Günt my fries, I Günted them, and they were mine
What kind of Günt Günts his Günter's fries, and doesn't even Günt him in the eyes
Günter there were tears there, if you saw them would you even care?
Günter, do you even love me?