Monday, 16 June 2014

For my 100th Post... Let's Talk About Poodles.

Now here's a question I get a lot;
"What colors do Poodles come in?"

I always have my hand on my face when explaining the colors, so i'm going to give you the whole list of poodle colors, using Standard Poodles, but these colors are available in all four sizes of poodle; Standard, Klein/Moyen, Miniature and Toy.
(I do not own any of these photos)










Café au Lait*


Silver Beige*




Tiger Brindle


Apricot Sable

Silver Sable*

Brown/Red Merle*

Blue Merle

Ticking (of any color. example: black)


Black Parti (L), Red Parti (R)

Brown/Chocolate Parti

Cream Parti

Silver Beige Parti

Apricot Parti

Blue Parti

Café au Lait Parti

Mahogany Parti

Silver Parti

Brindle Parti

Tiger Brindle Parti

Sable Parti

Brown/Red Merle Parti*

Blue Merle Parti* (yes this was taken off of a breeder's page... what a beautiful girl!)

Well folks, I'm tired of remembering these colors to repeat to curious people who are wondering about poodles. Like I said, these colors are available in all poodle sizes, but Standards are my favorite size, so I wanted to use those specifically. These are actually great dogs, they are so smart, non-shedding, and very affectionate. I put stars next to my personal favorite colors. I hope you "enjoyed" my post.

Friday, 6 June 2014


Jake's In Here

Yeah I couldn't find the right version of my favorite song from Regular Show, so here's 10 hours of it.
Summer Time Lovin'!

Thanks Martin the Hoarder for the giant zucchini

The other art teacher (the one who apparently went to school with you, KS) hung rocks on these trees.


Fatburger California burger with yam fries, by far my fave order from there.

So I spelled musician wrong... "msuicion"
and it gave me "suicidal" as a suggestion.
Should I be worried about my computer? Should I take it to see a counsellor? Does it need

Ty Hardy, a boy in my science class, dressed up as a Jehovah's witness for hallowe'en.
How do so many of these photos get lost?

Drawing on the desk in science...

Thanks Kenny for the salmon from ages ago.
Again, sorry about the lost photographs

That, that is an awesome name.

I don't remember who's cake this is...
I think it's my grandma's.

That is quite the name!

This is a kid friendly game, right?
awesome prank for the flick "Devil's Due"