Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Marilyn Manson eats burritos

Fantastic song
I want this car, in pink.
Eating Chinese food with Kez and her mom. Authentic Chinese food is actually not bad

muahuahuahua mocha!!!

My mom's friend Janice's 15 year old dog, reese

My hair is falling out, y'all

Playing Pictionary in SS class and this was how I drew the word "Labor" (like hard work)

how I finish essays

It's the new Rob Schneider movie.

How I signed the locker of Merzipan's younger sister

Oh Kez!!!!!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes kez

This is how to fill out a Japanese text book

Long story but it's funny. Thanks Taja for ruining my quarter bag

My old past due birthday cake

I know this looks bad, but it was a drawing of a boy

Mmmm Mexican-style breakfast burritos!
Bacon, cheese, eggs, salsa!!!!

My favorite Marilyn Manson song, and one of my favorite music videos of all time!


  1. Chineses food for the Chang fund.

  2. Good looking Chinese & Mexican food would hit the spot now.