Saturday, 23 August 2014

People are amazing

This video is amazing. Watch it fullscreen and look out for one of the dance scenes -- in the bottom righthand corner there is a man punching a giraffe
Pretty over-viewed but pretty funny
Thanks kenn

Brings up pretty bleak memories,
but good food.

That French fry... It's stunning

Martin's last name...

Gollum making a duckface!

Sum Ting Wong, folks

Beautiful eerie moon

A-Ha, Steph Carse, and Whitney Houston

Turd Sushi

Mr. Small's 5 step plan for troubled youth
From the Amazing World of Kenn

Human Tetris.
Tres Cool


  1. Hwhuttt!!!
    punching giraffes is the new twerking.

  2. Sum Ting's brother Nut Ting was in my class too!