Sunday, 3 August 2014

Steven Anita Smith

OH MY GOD I love Japan. David Sylvian's voice is just.... I want to put it in my coffee. It is so beautiful... Plus he's a pretty man. Seriously thouh, good songs.

Mmm, orange ice cream with chocolate chips. Thanks Marble Slab!

My desk clearly enjoys my prescence.

Stuns by Angelica, Dennis McDennis and Porky the Pig
Set Design by Angelica and a guy from outside Shopper's Drug Mart

English-Sedish-Spanish Translation by Juanita Nicole Bbjornstrand
Location in Stockholm, Sweden
Casting by Angelica and Steven Anita Smith
Inested in by an Iguana
Water provided by Rainbow Market
Fake Alcohol provided by Renee's Manicurist
Moral Support provided by no one

Thank you to no body for believing in us. Our dreams are crushed

The credits for a video project by me, Renée, Cindy and Amanda.

Yup at my sister's cheerleading competition. Though that is not my sister's team. I think those are the Port Moody girls.

Seductive piggy!!!!

This photo escaped my December/January post. Our Christmas tree, folks!

Neil Hillborn - OCD
Spoken word poem... It sounds like he's trying to be funny and joking at first,
but then it just gets sad.

James Cameron is James Cameron

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